Before & After Sedation Instructions

ToothbrushesInstructions regarding food and beverage consumption, medication, and physical activity before and after sedation.

Before Your Sedation

If you take any sedation before your appointment, do not drive from that moment onwards.

Food and Beverages:

It is essential that your stomach is EMPTY at the time of your appointment, therefore:

  • do not eat any solid food or drink milk for 6 hours before the appointment
  • do not drink any liquids, even water, for 3 hours before the appointment
  • in the period between 6 and 3 hours before the appointment, you may drink 2-3 cups or small glasses (about the size of a cup) of clear fluid, i.e. water, juice without pulp, tea or coffee without milk or milk substitutes
  • any meals you are allowed on the day of surgery should be light
  • do not drink alcohol for 24 hours prior to the appointment

Prescription Medication:

  • do not change the dose of your medications and do not discontinue them prior to your surgery without the consent of both your family doctor and the anesthesiologist
  • despite the restrictions on food and beverages above, you may (and should) take your medications with a sip of water whenever they become due – unless specifically instructed by the anesthesiologist not to take a particular medication
  • bring all your prescription medications with you on the day of surgery. Bring them in their original containers with the pharmacist’s label still on

Diabetics on insulin should contact the anesthesiologist (via the dental office) as different instructions may apply to them.

Clothing / Contact Lenses:

  • wear loose casual clothing. Female patients should wear slacks
  • remove contact lenses at home, before leaving for your appointment
  • do not wear jewelry, hairpins, or makeup

Tongue studs/rings, nose and lip jewelry must be removed

Going Home:

  • you must have someone to drive you home when the surgery is completed
  • that person must come up to the office to escort you to the car
  • someone needs to stay with you for 6 hours after the surgery

Change in Health Status:

If your general health deteriorates (i.e. a cold, cough, fever or worsening of some chronic health problem etc) before the day of the appointment, contact the dental office. If in doubt, please phone the office to discuss any changes in health status.

After Your Sedation

Food and Beverages:

  • do to eat or drink anything that is too hot before the local anesthetic (freezing) wears off
  • do not have large amounts of food or liquids in the first 2 hours
  • do not drink alcohol for 48 hours

Prescription Medications:

  • resume your medications when they become due, unless you have specific instructions not to do so by the anesthesiologist

Activity Restrictions:

  • do not operate motor vehicles, bicycles, boats, power tools, or machinery for at least 24 hours, or longer if drowsiness or dizziness persists
  • those wishing to operate an aircraft following deep sedation should seek guidance from applicable aviation authorities and/or their employers
  • do not cook for 24 hours (you do not want to spill hot food or liquids on yourself)
  • do not perform any work that requires important decisions to be made for at least 24 hours, or longer if drowsiness or dizziness persists


  • Post-operatively, if you experience any acute pain, heavy bleeding from the surgical site, respiratory problems or any other problem, please notify our dental office

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